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PowerBridge In-Wall Power Extension - Black

PowerBridge In-Wall Power Extension - Black


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Route your TV's power and signal cabling behind the wall with this DIY kit for a clean and professional-looking installation.

Both the inlet and outlet plates features a decora plate cutout and include an angled wire pass-through insert. You can replace the included feed-through with any standard decora insert plate to cater your setup to your system's hookups

NOTE: Appropriate in-wall electrical wiring is required for installation. Though this system does not modify live electrical circuits, you should check your local building codes with regards to installed "extension circuits". It is recommended, or possibly required, to have your installation inspected by an authorized Electrical Inspector before use. If you are unsure about installation, please refer the work to a licensed professional.


  • 2x PVC in-wall electrical junction boxes
  • Recessed Power Outlet (with decora feed-though insert)
  • Recessed Power Inlet (with decora feed-though insert)
  • 3ft, 3-wire extension cable to energize extension circuit

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