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Rubber Renue, 125mL, Liquid

Rubber Renue, 125mL, Liquid

SKU: 408C-125ML

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408C restores the tackiness of platens and rollers, helps to remove dirt, ink, and sticky residues, and may also restore the flexibility of belts, conveyors, and seals.

It works by causing the rubber cells of belts, platens and rollers to swell, allowing dirt particles and contaminants to be wiped away easily. Once the product has completely evaporated, the rubber cells shrink back to normal size and the surface is refreshed and ready for service.

Rubber Renue is a blend of highly volatile solvents. These solvents should not be breathed in, or used within a non-ventilated environment. Clean parts in an exterior environment, or under adequate ventilation exhausted safely to outside the building.

ATTENTION! This product utilizes strong solvents and is intended for use in professional maintenance and repair operations.


  • Rejuvenates old, dry, and hard rubber
  • Restores tackiness, flexibility, and elasticity
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