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Breadboard Accessory Kit - 106pcs

Breadboard Accessory Kit - 106pcs

SKU: MB-950

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Ideal for use with any breadboard. Assortment of 24 AWG jumpers wires in various length and colours. The accessory kit also includes alligator clips, IC clips, test probe tip adapter and momentary SPST switches that are terminated to 0.1" male pins - compatible with breadboards, Arduino compatible boards, any prototpying board with 0.1" pitch.
This breadboard accessory kit will save a lot of your prototyping time and give an organized and tidy appearance.


  • 150mm M-F jumpers, black, 10pcs
  • 150mm F-F jumpers, white, 10pcs
  • 150mm M-M jumpers, red, 10pcs
  • 100mm M-M jumpers,orange, 20pcs
  • 70mm M-M jumpers, gray, 20pcs
  • 50mm M-M jumpers - Brown, 20pcs
  • Alligator Clip to Male pin, 150mm long, 6pcs
  • IC Clip to Male pin, 150mm long, 4pcs
  • IC Clip to Female pin, 150mm long, 2pcs
  • SPST Momentary Switch to Male pin, 100mm long, 2pcs
  • Test Probe Adapter to Male pin, 200mm long, 2pcs
  • Storage case included

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