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Green Overcoat Pen

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Green Overcoat Pen

SKU: 419D-P-GR

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Protects printed circuit boards against moisture, corrosion, and thermal shock. Protects and insulates electrical and electronic components and assemblies, including generators, motors, transformers, relays, and solenoid coils. Convenient pen applicator for precision work.


  • Tough green protective coating
  • Protects against static discharge
  • Service temperature limits: 65°C
  • Solids by volume 18%, by weight 25%
  • Viscosity: 50-55, 20-25 Sec.s NBR
  • Easy to repair
  • UV indicator added for O.C. inspection
  • Remove with M.G. Chemicals cat# 8310 Conformal Coating Stripper
  • Clean up with M.G. Chemicals cat# 435 Conformal Coating Thinner Cleaner

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