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Fluke Connect® DC Voltage Module

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Fluke Connect® DC Voltage Module


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The Fluke Connect® V3001FC is a fully functional DC voltage meter that can wirelessly relay measurements to any nearby enabled Fluke Connect® master units.

Fluke Connect® is a series of measurement tools with wireless connectivity and matching PC/mobile software that allows you to monitor, log and share measurements without putting yourself in harm's way. The wireless tools keep the on-site personnel safe by distancing them from live circuitry and machinery. While the secure data storage and sharing gives you and your team access to the information needed to track, diagnose and solve the toughest problems, regardless of their distance from the work site.


  • <1000V DC
  • 65k data points (@1sec/min/hr intervals)
  • 6000 count (3.5 digit) backlit LCD display (4Hz refresh rate)
  • Functions standalone or with the Connect® system
  • Includes: TL222 test leads, AC220 alligator clips, magnetic hanging
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