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Picture Description Availability Quantity Price
GraviTrack Marble Machine Kit - Solar Version
SKU: 60415

US$ 39.52
6-in-1 Solar Recycler Kit
SKU: CKR-188

US$ 21.92
T4 Transforming Robot Kit
SKU: CKR-183


US$ 21.52
14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot Kit
SKU: CKR-198

US$ 28.64
7-in-1 Solar Space Station Kit
SKU: CKR-194

US$ 25.28
7-in-1 Solar Kit
SKU: CKR-190

US$ 23.84
Solar Powered Cable Car Kit
SKU: CKR-186

US$ 18.96
Solar Powered Sea Gull Kit
SKU: CKR-184

US$ 15.84
Solar Powered T3 Transforming Robot Kit
SKU: CKR-182

US$ 19.84
6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit
SKU: CKR-180

US$ 19.84
Solar Powered Solaracer Car Kit
SKU: CKR-102

US$ 19.52
Solar Powered F1 Racing Car Kit
SKU: CKR-060

US$ 13.92
Solar Powered Crawling Worm Kit
SKU: CKR-041

US$ 10.88
Solar Powered Jumping Frog Kit
SKU: CKR-036

US$ 10.32
Gearbox Kit - with solar panel
SKU: CKG-138

US$ 15.84
Gearbox Kit - Six-Legged Walker Kit
SKU: CKG-135

US$ 15.84
Gearbox Kit - Twin Motor
SKU: CKG-131


US$ 12.16
Gearbox Kit - 2-in-1
SKU: CKG-130


US$ 9.52
1 to 18 of 18 Products Page [ 1 ]