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Picture Description Availability Quantity Price
BrightDot Wearable LED Circle, Medium

US$ 15.84
ESP32 Wearable Development Board

US$ 31.84
ATmega 32U4 Wearable Development Board

US$ 18.24
Stainless Steel Thread, 2 Ply, 75'

US$ 10.24
E-Textiles Battery - 110mAh (2C Discharge)
SKU: SF-PRT-13112

US$ 10.08
Heating Pad - 5x10cm
SKU: SF-COM-11288

US$ 5.68
LilyPad Light Sensor
SKU: SF-DEV-08464

US$ 6.32
LilyPad Simple Power LiPo Charger
SKU: SF-DEV-11893

US$ 15.84
LilyPad Pixel Board
SKU: SF-DEV-13264

US$ 4.64
LilyPad LilyTiny
SKU: SF-DEV-10899

US$ 6.96
LilyPad LilyTinkle
SKU: SF-DEV-11364

US$ 6.96
Accelerometer ADXL335
SKU: SF-DEV-09267

US$ 21.12
Lilypad Sewable Kit
SKU: SF-KIT-13927

US$ 143.20
LilyPad Power Supply
SKU: SF-DEV-11259

US$ 14.32
Adafruit FLORA Starter Kit w/ "Getting Started" Book
SKU: AF-2404

US$ 123.20
LED - RGB NeoPixel v2 on FLORA Breakout, Pkg/20
SKU: AF-1559

US$ 47.76
Adafruit FLORA Starter Kit - Basic
SKU: AF-1405

US$ 50.24
Arduino FLORA v3
SKU: AF-659

US$ 23.52
Conductive Thread - Stainless Steel, 30ft
SKU: SF-DEV-10867

US$ 5.36
Conductive Thread, Stainless Steel - 350m
SKU: SF-DEV-11791

US$ 61.12
1 to 20 of 20 Products Page [ 1 ]