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Hydraulic Robotic Arm Kit

Hydraulic Robotic Arm Kit

SKU: CKR-270

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Make Hydro-mechanics a fun learning experience for the young engineering enthusiasts. This kit does not require batteries nor does it use any motors instead it is powered by water. The lever controllers have special braking system which helps to achieve more accurate commands. Gripper can be removed and replaced with the suction apparatus to pick up object with larger surface area like a small mobile phone. Well guided pictorial instruction manual is included. Approximate 229 parts.


  • 6 Axes of varied movements
  • Gripper opens up to 1.9 inches
  • Horizontal reach up to 12.4 inches
  • Wrist rotation: 180°
  • Wrist mobility: 98°
  • Elbow motion: 44°
  • Base rotation: 270°
  • Shoulder motion: 45°

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