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Adafruit FLORA Starter Kit w/ "Getting Started" Book

Adafruit FLORA Starter Kit w/ "Getting Started" Book

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Interested in diving into the world of wearable electronics (aka e-textiles)? Look no further than this wonderful kit from Adafruit. Featuring their in-house designed Arduino-compatible FLORA board, this kit includes many commonly-used wearables components and accessories. It even features a book dedicated to getting you working on Adafruit's FLORA board!


  • 1x "Getting Started with Adafruit FLORA" book
  • 1x FLORA v2 board: Wearable Arduino-compatible electronic platform
  • 12x Alligator clip test leads, small clips, 15"
  • 12x Alligator clip test leads, small clips, 5"
  • 24x Button snaps, sewable
  • 2x JST-PH Battery extension cables, 500mm
  • 1x Magnetic pin/broach clasp
  • 1x FLORA Accelerometer/Compass sensor (LSM303)
  • 8x FLORA RGB Smart NeoPixel LEDs v2
  • 1x FLORA Colour Sensor w/ Illumination LED (TCS34725)
  • 10x LED sequins, warm white
  • 1x USB cable, A-microB
  • 1x Sewing needle set, 20pcs (2x #3, 6x #5, 8x #7, 4x #9)
  • 1x Stainless-steel conductive thread, 2-ply, 23m/76ft
  • 1x Stainless-steel conductive thread, 3-ply, 18m/60ft
  • 1x 3-Cell 'AAA' battery holder w/ switch, JST-PH connector
  • 4x 'AAA' alkaline batteries

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