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Static Mixer Tip for Large Syringe, Pkg/5

Static Mixer Tip for Large Syringe, Pkg/5

SKU: 8MT-450

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The 8MT Mixing Tips are single use static mixer for 2-part low to medium viscosity cartridge systems. The mixer works using stationary elements inside a narrow cylindrical tube. This forces the materials to combine as it travels through the length of the mixer and provides a homogenous mix of hardener and resin that can be applied directly onto the targeted area.

Simply remove the cartridge nut and plug, attach the static mixer to the tip, and re-screw on the nut to hold the mixer in place. To reuse a partially filled cartridge with the single use static mixer, simply remove the nut and plug preserving the remaining epoxy in the cartridge, and affix a new mixing tip to the end.


  • Allow precise application directly where you need it
  • Provides homogeneous mixture of low to medium viscosity 2-part systems
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