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Super Shield™ Graphite Conductive Paint - 1 Gallon

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Super Shield™ Graphite Conductive Paint - 1 Gallon

SKU: 839-1G

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The 839 Graphite Conductive Coating is an economical, acrylic paint that is used to create conductive, static free surfaces with excellent characteristics. Coated surfaces reduce electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI). The graphite in the coat resists rubbing off to the touch. Further, the cured coat is designed to withstand large temperature changes without cracking.


  • High Conductivity—Low Surface resistivity of 47 Ω/sq for one coat (1 mil)
  • Tough and durable coating
  • Rub off resistant
  • Corrosion resistant coating
  • Stronger adhesion than water based coatings
  • Low VOC’s
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