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PINK Parallax Internet Netburner Kit

PINK Parallax Internet Netburner Kit

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PINK is an embedded web server which enables your BASIC Stamp, SX or Propeller microcontroller to communicate over a network or even the Internet. The PINK module allows your microcontroller to send e-mail or UDP messages to alert you to events or provide status messages. Communication with the host controller is done using a simple TTL serial interface.


  • Embedded web server with 256K flash memory
  • FTP interface for uploading
  • Telnet interface for debugging serial communication
  • Send and receive UDP packets on any port
  • Password protection of configuration
  • Over 100 web-accessible variables, allowing for dynamic web pages
  • Over 20 variables can be written to flash memory for default values
  • Serial access to PINK IP address, network mask, gateway, DNS server
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