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AlaMode - Arduino Compatible Raspberry Pi  Plate

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AlaMode - Arduino Compatible Raspberry Pi Plate

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The AlaMode is an Arduino-compatible development extension board for the Raspberry Pi. You can write a program on the Pi in any language you'd like and have it control or monitor your Arduino application making Internet-based integration and control much easier. You can also program the AlaMode directly from the Pi.


  • Fully compatible with Arduino, including Arduino shields
  • Plugs in to Raspberry-Pi GPIO header
  • Voltage safe – Bidirectional translator automatically converts between 3.3V for Raspberry-Pi and 5V for Arduino
  • Same form factor as Raspberry-Pi
  • 5V Micro-USB socket for Power In
  • Servo headers with GND and 5V headers for easy connection of 3 wire servos
  • Micro-SD card for data storage and Arduino use
  • High precision RTC chip with battery backup (CR1632 battery included). Possible to set time on Raspberry-Pi without Internet connection
  • Convenient headers for FTDI, ICSP, Analog Reference (3V3 or 5V0), GPS module,
  • Can be powered independently, or via the Raspberry-Pi 5V supply

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