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Raspberry Pi Media Centre Accessory Kit

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Raspberry Pi Media Centre Accessory Kit

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Grab this kit and turn your Raspberry Pi into a media centre!

The Raspberry Pi is an excellent device to use as the core of your media centre. It's low-cost, low-power, and compact. This kit includes all the accessories needed to get your Pi powered, connected, and networked so you can start watching as quickly as possible. It also includes a 16GB microSD card to give you extra room for on-board media.

This kit is compatible with the Raspberry Pi B+, A+ and Pi 2 boards. The included OpenELEC media software is only compatible with the Pi 2, but can easily be re-flashed for the Pi A+/B+ compatible version.



  • 16GB microSD card programmed with OpenELEC Media Centre for Raspberry Pi 2
  • 5VDC / 2.1A power supply
  • Micro-USB cable with inline power switch
  • 1.5m / 5ft HDMI cable
  • USB WIFI dongle
  • Clear plastic enclosure

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