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Standard Motor

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Standard Motor


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This 030 form-factor motor with precious-metal brushes offers pretty good performance for a flat-sided motor. Offering 7400 rpm @ 4.7V, drawing 150mA and giving 4 gm*cm torque (17 @ stall), it's very similar to the Mabuchi FF-030 it replaces.

We're finding it runs a bit longer per solarengine discharge than the old motor, and the 1.5mm output shaft is a perfect match for our RW 10mm diameter wheels. A touch of glue, and you've got an excellent tilted wheel platform (like for Herbie robots)! And if you need a friction fit, the included RW "PRet" (Plastic retainer) you get with the RW wheels press-fits on too.

Wheel and retainers sold seperately.


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