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Proto Plate for BeagleBone

Proto Plate for BeagleBone

SKU: AF-702

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Ready to prototype your next Beagle Bone project? You'll certainly want this handy Proto-Plate! Not only is it really good looking, its also very useful, holding your Beagle Bone or Beagle Bone Black steady alongside a standard half-sized breadboard.

The plate is made of 3mm thick laser-cut clear acrylic with nice engraving showing alignment. There are four 4-40 screws, standoffs and hex-nuts to attach the 'Bone on and the halfsized breadboard can be stuck on (just remove the paper backing from it). Finally, there are four rubber bumpers you can use to lift the plate off of your table, so it won't slide around.

Note: This kit includes the plate and mounting hardware. Beagle Board and breadboard are not included. Links to these items can be found below.


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