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Blinky Lights Kit Expansion 1

Blinky Lights Kit Expansion 1


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We all love lighting up lots of LEDs, so Expansion Pack #1 provides additional LEDs, resistors, and transistors to light up even more LEDs with your Blinky Lights kit! In addition to the red, green, and yellow LEDs included, bi-color LEDs are also provided to allow experimentation with LEDs that can be either red or green! The Junior Genius Club online content gets you started by showing how to switch multiple LEDs with a transistor so you can flash 5, 10 or more LEDs at a time!

Note: Blinky Lights Kit required (JRG01-KIT)
Parts from the Blinky Lights kit are required to use this expansion. Basic instructions are included, but the Blinky Lights access code is required to access the full set of instructions online in the club.

This expansion pack presumes you have learned the basic electricity lessons from Junior Genius Kit #1 - Blinky Lights.


  • 30 LEDs (10 Red, 10 Green, 8 Yellow, 2 Bi-color Red-Green).
  • 34 Resistors (20 x 330R, 10 x 150R, 2 x 1k, 2 x 47R).
  • 2 Transistors.
  • Online directions for lighting up multiple LEDs with the Blinky Lights kit .

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