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Picture Description Availability Quantity Price
Extended Record / Playback Module
SKU: K8094

US$ 44.72
Mr. Robot Kit

US$ 9.44
2-Wire Remote Control - 10 Channel
SKU: K8023

US$ 26.24
SKU: MK105

US$ 8.64
10-LED Light Chaser Wheel Kit
SKU: MK152

US$ 10.32
6-LED Mini Light Chaser Kit
SKU: MK173

US$ 9.44
Start / Stop Relay Timer Kit, 0-15mins
SKU: K2579

US$ 12.72
Multi-tone Chime Kit
SKU: K6600

US$ 27.68
LED Stereo VU Meter Kit
SKU: K4305

US$ 31.76
Adjustable Power Supply Kit, 3-30VDC / 3A
SKU: K7203

US$ 62.08
Audio Power Amplifier Kit - 2x 15W
SKU: K4003

US$ 33.12
Mini Stereo Amplifier - 2x 5W
SKU: MK190

US$ 17.44
DC Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) Module Kit, 8-35VDC / 6.5A
SKU: K8004

US$ 26.96
2-Channel LED Flasher - 3A/Channel
SKU: MK180

US$ 26.32
Audio Amplifier, 7W, 12VDC
SKU: VM114

US$ 18.36
Universal Mono Preamplifier Kit
SKU: K1803

US$ 11.76
Low-Voltage Light Organ Kit
SKU: MK114

US$ 17.44
Constant-Current Driver for 1W/3W LEDs
SKU: K8071

US$ 16.56
Adjustable Power Supply Kit, 5-14VDC / 1A
SKU: K2570

US$ 22.96
Sound-to-Light Kit
SKU: MK103

US$ 9.44
3D LED Xmas Tree Kit
SKU: MK130

US$ 12.72
LED Riding Santa Display Kit
SKU: MK116

US$ 38.88
Strobe Light Kit
SKU: K5300

US$ 33.84
Metal Detector Kit
SKU: K7102

US$ 18.96
MintyBoost Portable USB Charger Kit v3.0
SKU: AF-14

US$ 20.64
Drawdio Musical Pencil Kit
SKU: AF-124

US$ 25.36
Water Alarm Kit
SKU: MK108

US$ 7.84
Light Sensitive Switch Kit
SKU: MK125

US$ 12.64
"Simon Says" Memory Game Kit
SKU: MK112

US$ 13.76
IR Beam Alarm Kit
SKU: MK120

US$ 13.52
Traffic Light Kit
SKU: MK131

US$ 13.12
USB Interface Experiment Board
SKU: K8055

US$ 30.56
1 to 32 of 32 Products Page [ 1 ]