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PS/2 Keyboard to ASCII Converter - 3.3V/5V TTL Output, 115.2k/57.6k

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PS/2 Keyboard to ASCII Converter - 3.3V/5V TTL Output, 115.2k/57.6k

SKU: E1115B

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The E1115B PS/2 Keyboard to ASCII Converter module allows a microcontroller application to be enhanced with keyboard numeric and text data without having to handle the tedious scancode detection and decoding process. This module receives the complex scancode sequence for each keystroke on the “make”, and decodes it to a unique ASCII byte which is easier to use by a host application. As the E1115B module is dedicated to the task and provides a single decoded byte corresponding to the keystroke, the host can concentrate on its own application while being interrupted only when necessary.


  • Decodes PS/2 Scanset 2 keystrokes to a single ASCII byte on make
  • Outputs unique single byte codes for non-ASCII keys, including multimedia keys
  • 115.2k/56.2k selectable baud serial data output
  • 100kHz clocked serial data output
  • Interrupt output
  • LED flash output

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