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LilyPad Buzzer

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LilyPad Buzzer

SKU: SF-DEV-08463

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This is a small buzzer for the LilyPad system. Use 2 I/O pins on the LilyPad main board and create different noises based on the different frequency of I/O toggling. Loud enough to hear inside a pocket but not obtrusively loud.

Note: This is an inductive buzzer meaning that is will act as a short to ground if you are not actively driving it. Sparkfun recommends you put both I/O pins to low (0V) when the buzzer is not used. Also, unlike the majority of Lilypad accessories, washing these buzzers will damage them. Until Sparkfun offers a solution to this, avoid washing any portion of your project that contains one of these buzzers.


  • 20mm outer diameter
  • Thin 0.8mm PCB

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