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Basic Butt Set Telephone Line Tester

Basic Butt Set Telephone Line Tester


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The BSX200 Basic Butt Set is designed for people who occasionally need to deal with dial tone but don't require all of the features of an expensive model. The BSX200 provides user with dial tone, dial out, Caller ID, last number redial, on/off hangup button, flash button, DTM and FSK support, and three ways to connect to the line: an RJ11 connector, high quality alligator clips, and an RJ11 coupler.


  • Dial tone
  • Dial out
  • Caller ID
  • Last number redial
  • On/Off hangup button
  • Flash button
  • DTM and FSK support
  • 3 types of line plugs

US$ 44.91 price
US$ 43.57 2 - 4 (3% Off)
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