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Seeeduino ADK Main Board

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Seeeduino ADK Main Board


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The Seeeduino ADK Main Board is based the Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK). Changes from Google's ADK Reference include switchable 3.3/5V I/O logic levels, smaller form factor, better placement of the reset button and pads for additional headers.


  • Android Open Accessories Development Kit (ADK) compatible (Android v2.3.4 and up)
  • Supports Android v2.3.4 and above devices
  • Works with Android Debug Bridge (ADB) using MicroBridge (Android v1.5 and up)
  • Arduino Mega 2560 compatible (256k Flash MCU)
  • Functions as an Arduino Mega with an integrated USB shield
  • 56 digital IOs
  • 16 analog inputs
  • 14 PWM outputs
  • 4 hardware serial ports (UART)
  • 1 hardware TWI (I2C)
  • 1 hardware SPI (up to 8Mbps)
  • On-board USB host (MAX3421) with breakout pins for IOs
  • On-board USB slave (FT232RL) with breakout pins for IOs
  • Built-in 5V @ 1A switched power regulator (6-18VDC input)
  • Built-in 3.3V @ 500mA LDO power regulator
  • 5V / 3.3V switchable IO logic level

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