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Seeeduino Lite - Leonardo

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Seeeduino Lite - Leonardo

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The Seeeduino is a modified version of the Arduino Leonardo. Based on the Atmega32U4, the Seeeduino Lite features 20 digital I/O pins (7 of those are PWM capable), a micro-USB, an ICSP header and reset button.

The Seeeduino Lite differs from all Arduino boards in that the voltage select switch affects I/O output voltage. It also includes I2C, UART and Grove interfaces.

Like the Leonardo, the Seeeduino Lite can appear to a connected computer as a mouse and keyboard, as well a virtual (CDC) serial / COM port.


  • 20 digital pins (7 are PWM compatible)
  • Micro-B USB 2.0 jack for programming/power
  • DC jack for alternate power input
  • Selectable board voltage (3.3V or 5V)

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