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Pro Trinket - Mini Microcontroller, 5V

SKU: AF-2000

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Adafruit's Trinket microcontroller has a new big sister - the Pro Trinket 5V! Similar to an Arduino Pro Mini, but with additional pins and USB functionality tossed in.

Like the original Trinket, the Pro features onboard USB bootloading support (this time via microUSB connector). Optiboot support has been added so the Pro Trinket can be programmed over USB or with an FTDI cable.

The Pro Trinket 5V uses the Atmega328P chip, which is the same core chip in the Arduino UNO/Duemilanove/Mini/etc. at the same speed and voltage. So you'll be happy to hear that not only is Pro Trinket programmable using the Arduino IDE as you already set up, but 99% of Arduino projects will work out of the box!

Notes for adapting Arduino sketches:
•Pins #2 and #7 are not available (they are exclusively for USB)
•The onboard 5V regulator can provide 150mA output, not 800mA out
•You cannot plug shields directly into the Pro Trinket
•There is no Serial-to-USB chip onboard. This is to keep the Pro Trinket small and inexpensive, you can use any FTDI cable to connect to the FTDI port for a Serial connection. The USB connection is for uploading new code only.
•The bootloader on the Pro Trinket use 4KB of FLASH so the maximum sketch size is 28,672 bytes. The bootloader does not affect RAM usage.


  • ATmega328P onboad chip in QFN package
  • 16MHz clock rate, 28K FLASH available
  • USB bootloader with a nice LED indicator looks just like a USBtinyISP so you can program it with AVRdude and/or the Arduino IDE (with a few simple config modifications).
  • Also has headers for an FTDI port for reprogramming
  • Micro-USB jack for power and/or USB uploading, you can put it in a box or tape it up and use any USB cable for when you want to reprogram.
  • On-board 5.0V power regulator with 150mA output capability and ultra-low dropout. Up to 16V input, reverse-polarity protection, thermal and current-limit protection.
  • Power with either USB or external output (such as a battery) - it'll automatically switch over
  • On-board green power LED and red pin #13 LED
  • Reset button for entering the bootloader or restarting the program.
  • Works with 99% of existing Arduino sketches (anything that doesn't use more than 28K, and doesn't require pins #2 and #7)
  • 38 x 18 x 2mm / 1.5 x 0.7 x 0.08"

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