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Getting Started with the MICRO BIT

Getting Started with the MICRO BIT

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This book is for everyone! It's for kids (and parents) who want to learn how to program their own simple games and gadgets using the BBC micro:bit. It's also for serious hardware hobbyists who want an inexpensive microcontroller with a built-in LED display. Or for Internet of Things nerds who want an inexpensive, remote programmable Bluetooth node.


  • Chapters include:
  • 1.Introduction to the micro:bit
  • 2.A Tour of the micro:bit
  • 3.Programming Using MicroPython
  • 4.Some Basic Projects
  • 5.The mbed Operating System
  • 6.Interfacing with the GPIO Pins
  • 7.Using Bluetooth
  • 8.Serial Bluetooth Communications and the micro:bit
  • 9.The Story of the micro:bit
  • 10.Other Programming Environments
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