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SUPER SHIELD™ EMI Conductive Paint - 150mL, Bottle

SUPER SHIELD™ EMI Conductive Paint - 150mL, Bottle

SKU: 842WB-150ML

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This silver EMI conductive paint is a 1-part, water-based coating, pigmented with highly conductive silver flake. It is easy to use, with no let-down and no heat cure necessary. It can be applied by spray, brush, or roller. It is excellent for use on wood and drywall and bonds well to many plastics. It can be painted over with common architectural paints.

842WB provides superior EMI shielding coating and is designed to reduce high frequency interference in musical instruments, as well as in architectural and electronic applications.


  • Provides excellent EMI/RFI shielding over a broad range of frequencies
  • Non-flammable and no noxious odors
  • Ships as a non-DG by air
  • Low VOC content
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