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Thinner 2 - Cleaner / Solvent, 1L

Thinner 2 - Cleaner / Solvent, 1L

SKU: 4352-1L

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The 4352 Thinner 2 is a moderately fast drying thinner for use with MG Chemical’s conformal products. It is compatible with film forming paint products with acrylic, alkyd, cellulose acetate butyrate, epoxy, nitrocellulose, or polyester resins. Together with these type of resin systems, the 4352 thinner promotes good flow properties and suppresses blushing.


  • Plastic Safe: compatible with most sensitive substrate used in electronic parts and enclosures
  • Blush resistant
  • Moderate evaporation rate
  • Excellent leveling and gloss
  • Not classified as a “Hazardous Air Pollutant” Highly miscible with other common organic solvents
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