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Make: Bluetooth (Alasdair Allan, Don Coleman, Sandeep Mistry), Paperback

Make: Bluetooth (Alasdair Allan, Don Coleman, Sandeep Mistry), Paperback

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The smartphone didn't change our world because it made it easier to make phone calls - it let us connect the Internet and physical world in totally new ways. Harness the power of that technology for yourself by learning to build and control your environment with Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth Low Energy). While they share a first, Bluetooth LE is very different from classic Bluetooth. You'll learn the details of BLuetooth LE and how to build your own connected devices. Its extreme low-power consumption and greater reliability over longer distances make it the perfect tool for experimenters.


  • Construct a smart light switch you can control remotely
  • Create a lock that only your phone can open
  • Build a working weather station that measure temperature, humidity, and air pressure
  • Make a NeoPixel LED lamp you can control to change colour
  • Control your computer slideshow with a Texas Instruments SensorTag remote
  • Develop a Bluetooth controller than can adjust your computer or phone's volume
  • Run a Parrot Rolling SPider Drone using a computer and Node.js
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